Introduction to the North Texas Nonprofit Resources Blog

Welcome to this first edition of the North Texas Nonprofit Resources Blog.  North Texas Nonprofit Resources has been providing grant writing services to North Texas nonprofit organizations since 2004. This blog will be published every other Tuesday.

Among the topics to be covered by our associates and guest contributors will be, of course, many areas related to grant writing, including how to position your organization to have the best chance of success at grant writing, words of wisdom, general tips, how to find funders that are appropriate for your organization, grant writing myths, an introduction to grant writing, components of a grant proposal, writing a grant proposal, and more.

We will also cover other topics of interest to nonprofit organizations, including diversifying your revenue streams, how to recognize donors, how to get the most out of volunteers, why people ignore your newsletter, board excellence, and more.

Your comments about the blog and suggestions for future topics are welcomed!

North Texas Nonprofit Resources usually has 40-45 active clients, and with that many clients almost every day at least one of them receives a grant.  In our seven years in business our clients have received more than 1,850 grants.  In our blog we will highlight recent grants received by our clients.

Recent grants include:

$67,000 for a child care center - for a new air conditioning system

$50,000 for a diabetic life skills training program for children - for financial assistance for families that cannot afford the full fee to send their diabetic child to the program

$20,000 for an organization providing quality improvement tools and professional development for afterschool and summer programs  - for their afterschool quality advancement program

$20,000 for an organization that helps women leave the sex industry and build a new life - for general operating support

$20,000 for a mental health organization - for intensive services for children with mental illness

Our next blog will be published on Tuesday, May 3rd.  The topic will be "Why Grant Requests are Denied - Part I."