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Why Nonprofit Organizations Have Difficulty Attracting and Keeping Volunteers

The primary reason nonprofit organizations often have difficulty recruiting volunteers is that the volunteer duties they are offering are not as interesting to volunteers as watching television.  The New Volunteer Workforce; Stanford Social Innovation Review, winter 2009, reported “Our research … Continue reading

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How to Give Recognition to Grantors

These ideas can also be applied to donations other than grants. Thank-You Letters Writing a thank-you letter to grantors is the most basic way to recognize their grant, and you should send these letters as soon as possible.  A good … Continue reading

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Reasons Not to Pay Grant Writing Contingency Fees

Fees for contract grant writers present a constant problem.  Nonprofit agencies often ask something like, “Can I hire a grant writer for a percentage of the grants awarded?”  The answer, simply, is no.  Commissions are considered unethical by almost all … Continue reading

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